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Welcome to the web site of the oldest coffeehouse in Braunfels ...

In the center of the health resort, where Prince Ferdinand Street No.1, is the Konditorei Vogel which is now in the 2nd Generation, since 1970, in possession of the family bird stands and was recently renovated and beautifully modern.

For our reliable top quality craftsmanship of the products up and are highly trained employees, and the family of the Vogel itself, both founders of the company bakers and pastry chefs Klaus Otto Vogel, and the present master pastry chef Andreas Vogel ensure daily, with a lot of arrangement and passionate, personal for the production of confectionery Braunfelser.

All offered goods are produced in the store's own pastry without the "chemistry". This philosophy, which has proved its worth over the years, serious and future-proof, white guild wardens and CEO Adreas Vogel for years successfully enforceable. Here you can still feel exactly the career of the plant, and the contents of artisanal life.

Especially the rare chocolate & confectionery division wins from year to year, more friends, know what they appreciate our quality and become regular customers can be.


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Welcome to the new web site of the Konditorei Vogel! We hope the new design is a popular one. We look forward to your visit!

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